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Release Date: Q3 2024

Release Themes: TBD

Executive Summary


Important Notices

New for this release:

  • v4.14 TND

From prior releases:

  • UPDATE FROM v4.13
  • v4.12 Sledgehammer has been updated for multiple platforms including ARM and Ubuntu and requires an updated ISO
  • v4.12 Billing Plugin integrated into Core. If installed, it can be safely removed
  • v4.12 ISOs storage is now in a Digital Rebar managed read only file system instead of being mapped to the endpoint's local storage. If needed, it can be disabled by setting RS_USE_ISOFS to false.
  • v4.11 Discovery image now defaults to Alma Linux. Users upgrading Digital Rebar should also install and migrate to this new Sledgehammer.
  • v4.11 Client certificate authentication is now off by default in v4.10 and v4.11. To enable, add the --client-cert-auth flag or the RS_CLIENT_CERT_AUTH=true flag to the systemd configuration space. has been updated for these options.
  • v4.10 Debian-8 has been removed from the content pack.
  • v4.10 To enable/disable read only Triggers, add the parameter trigger/\<name of trigger>-[enabled|disabled]: true in the global profile. Search workorder trigger.
  • v4.10 Fixed critical bug in event registration that caused system crash if request is malformed. This is a recommended dot upgrade for previous releases and was back ported to v4.6 and later releases.
  • v4.10 Interactive labs can be used to explore and learn the latest Digital Rebar features.
  • v4.10 EventToAudit plugin allows any event to be mapped to an audit log item.
  • v4.9 Digital Rebar cannot run in a container when using features including Contexts, Brokers, Clusters, Multi-Site Manager and High Availability. These features all rely on Digital Rebar managing both its own lifecycle and driving containers. Running in a container prevents Digital Rebar from performing operations required for these features.
  • v4.9 work_order_templates (preview in v4.8) have been renamed to be blueprints.
  • v4.9 removal of the Centos mirrors require users to use an archival Centos8 mirror for Sledgehammer8.
  • v4.9 format for content pack meta data changed, you must use the v4.9 drpcli to bundle v4.9 content.
  • v4.8 Workflows relating to Clusters and Cloud_Wrappers have been significantly changed. Operators using those patterns should carefully review their implementation before upgrading.
  • v4.8 Cleanup operation offers safer option than destroy by enabling pre-destroy actions by defining on-delete-workflow. Operators should migrate destroy to cleanup where possible.
  • v4.8 Portal UX editing panels on several screens have been significantly changed. UXViews ability to limit machine field view/edit is no longer enabled in v4.8.
  • v4.8 Context Containers need to be rebuilt for v4.8+ Docker Context so as to NOT inject a DRPCLI copy. To ensure that the DRPCLI version matches the DRP endpoint, the Docker Context will now automatically attach the correct DRPCLI to containers during the starting process. Search 4.8 contexts.
  • v4.8 added Workflows relating to Clusters and Cloud_Wrappers have been significantly changed. Operators using those patterns should carefully review their implementation before upgrading.
  • v4.7 added port 8090 to the list of ports required for provisioning operations. Please verify that port 8090 (default, this can be changed) is accessible for Digital Rebar endpoints.
  • v4.7 changed the install zip format, the API-based upgrade of DRP to v4.7+ requires usage of most recent (v4.7 for self-hosted UX users) or the use of DRPCLI v4.6.7+. The v4.7 upgrade process also includes these changes.
  • v4.6 changed managing of signed certificates, the process for updating and importing certificates has changed to require using the DRPCLI or API to update certificates. See Certificate Operations for details.


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Work in Process Items

These items are under active development, but cannot be confirmed for delivery in this release. Please consult with RackN if items below are mission critical for your operation.

General UX Improvements (applies to all DRP versions)

  • TBD

Other Items of Note

  • TBD

Roadmap Items (unprioritized, planned for future release)

  • Agentless ESXi Install - Required for ESXi v8, This will replaces of the existing ESXi agent (drpy).
  • IPv6 DHCP - provide DHCP services for IPv6 networks
  • Restricted Access ISOs - allow authenticated users to download non-public ISOs managed by RackN