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Installing KRIB

This is about installing KRIB on an existing DRP endpoint.


You need to install the system with a discovery workflow that includes sledgehammer as a minimum.

Install the DRP command line interface.

You also need to install some common utilities: git, curl and jq.

Setup DRP Access

We need to make sure we have access to the system via the CLI.

# UPDATE THESE: RS_ENDPOINT is not needed if using localhost
export RS_ENDPOINT="[endpoint URL]"
# UPDATE THESE: RS_KEY is not needed if using defaults
export RS_KEY="[endpoint user:password]"
# verify credentials
drpcli get info

Setup Packet API Integration

If you are using as a reference platform. The following steps are specific to that platform.

Make sure you set your information in the exports!

# UPDATE THESE: Packet Project Information for Plugin
export PACKET_API_KEY="[packet_api_key]"
export PACKET_PROJECT_ID="[packet_project_id]"
# download plugin provider (update for version or archtiecture)
curl -o packet-ipmi
# install plugin provider
drpcli plugin_providers upload packet-ipmi from packet-ipmi
# configure plugin
drpcli plugins create '{ "Name": "packet-ipmi",
   "Params": {
     "packet/api-key": "$PACKET_API_KEY",
     "packet/project-id": "$PACKET_PROJECT_ID"
   "Provider": "packet-ipmi"
# verify it worked - should return true
drpcli plugins show packet-ipmi | jq .Available


The URLs provided for plugin downloads will change overtime for newer versions

Install KRIB Components and Cert Plugin

The following steps will install the required plugins and content for KRIB

# download cert plugin provider (installs the plugin autmatically)
curl -o certs
# install plugin provider
drpcli plugin_providers upload certs from certs
# verify it worked - should return true
drpcli plugins show certs | jq .Available

# Get code
git clone
cd provision-content/krib

# KRIB content install
drpcli contents bundle krib.yaml
drpcli contents upload krib.yaml


This is maintained with more detail at component_krib.

Create Machines (skip if using Terraform)

You do NOT need to create machines if you are using the Terraform integration to build the KRIB cluster! To create machines in Packet without a Terraform, use the following command:

# copy multiple times to create extra machines - names must be unique
drpcli machines create '{ "Name": "krib-0",
   "Params": {
     "machine-plugin": "packet-ipmi"