Batch Library

This content package is a collection of useful stages and operations for Digital Rebar focusing Batch operations.

An example set of blueprints for running a scan.

An example batch object that could use these simple example pieces.

  Blueprint: batch-run
  Filter: 'cluster/tags=In(event-worker-pool)'
    batch/iterator: "Uuid"
    batch/iterator-param: "scan/machine-uuid"
    batch/filter-type: machines
    batch/filter: 'Params.scannable=Eq(true)'
    batch/limit: 10000
    batch/order: sort=scan/last-scan-time
  Blueprint: audit-scan-me-simple
  Filter: 'cluster/tags=In(event-worker-pool)'
  Blueprint: audit-complete-simple
  Filter: 'cluster/tags=In(event-worker-pool)'

This assumes that there is a worker pool named event-worker-pool available. This also assumes that all machines that are to be scanned have a parameter, scannable, is set to true.