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Blancco LUN Eraser

This plugin implements the commercially licensed industrial grade Disk and LUN wiping tool from Blancco. The tool requires additional licensing direct from Blancco. The integrated product is Blancco LUN Eraser.


RackN licenses do not entitle use of the Blancco LUN Eraser product.

A short video on setting up a DRP Endpoint specifically to use the Blancco LUN Eraser, and then wiping systems with this integration can be found on Youtube.

Youtube video:

Overview of Usage

This plugin requires external third party licenses to be purchased from Blancco to operate correctly. Product information and purchasing details can be found on Blancco's website at:

By default this plugin utilizes the Blancco Cloud services to validate and consume licenses, and upload completed Reports to. The operator must have a valid Blancco Cloud account username and password with license entitlements. The Blancco Management Console can be found at:


It is possible to install a local (eg for "air gap" requirements) Blancco License and Console management service internally. Contact Blancco for further details.

Basic Usage

By default this content will not wipe any disks without a number of Params being set correctly on a target Machine. An example Profile can be found under Profiles, which provides a sample of Params that should be set. The example profile is named:

  • blancco-lun-eraser-EXAMPLE


The default EXAMPLE does not include the Profile based wipe report aggregating. To enable it, set ble/wipe-report-profile-tag on the Machine(s).

Specifically, the following required Params must be set with values:

  • ble/username - The Blancco Cloud or local Console server user account
  • ble/password - The Blancco Cloud or local Console server user password
  • ble/disks - an array of disk targets to wipe, each disk consumes 1 (one) Blancco license entitlement
  • ble/wipe-disks - set to true to enable disk wiping

Optional configuration Params can be set; if no value is specified, the default value will be used:

  • ble/license-server - defaults to
  • ble/wipe-level - defaults to 16: NIST 800-88 Clear
  • ble/wipe-report-profile-tag - no default - if set, enables aggregate Machine wipe reports written to a single Profile

The Blancco LUN Eraser tooling supports several standards for different wipe level requirements. See the ble/wipe-level Param documentation for specific standards supported wipe levels and setting values.


The Blancco LUN Eraser (BLE) tasks must be run in Sledgehammer. The following Workflow enforces that the machine is in Sledgehammer, then runs the Blancco LUN Eraser tooling:

  • blancco-lun-eraser

Reporting for Disk Wipes

When utilizing the Blancco Cloud Management Console, completed wipe reports may be uploaded to the Console for review and certification proof of disk wipe operations. From time-to-time, the reports may fail to upload. In the case of a report upload failure, Digital Rebar Platform (DRP) will not fail the Task. The Job Log for the task will record the failure as a "500" error in the log.

Additionally, DRP records wipe results in the Blancco native Reporting format (XML) as Params on the Machine, and optionally, in a Profile with an aggregate report grouped together by an operator specified tag value. This allows multiple Machines to execute wipe operations, and aggregate the wipe reports together in a single Profile.

A completed Wipe Report will be recorded on the Machine object of each Machine that completes a successful wipe. The wipe report will be recorded in the Param:

  • ble/wipe-report

The Optional Profile based aggregate reports must be explicitly enabled, if desired. To enable the Profile based reports, you must set the following Param with a "tag" value to identify this group of wipe operations. The tag is an arbitrary string, but should not contain any special characters. An example value setting:

  • ble/wipe-report-profile-tag: "20210417-green"

In the above example a Profile will be created and the "tag" appended, creating a report Profile named:

  • ble-wipe-report-20210417-green

This Profile will be added to each machine. Each machines specific wipe report will be written as a separate Param in the Profile, with the Machines UUID value as the Param name, prefixed with machine-.


Reports are in Blannco's native reporting file format, which is XML.

To remove the report, you must remove the Profile from the Machine(s), then remove the Profile.


Subsequent re-runs of the blancco-lun-eraser Workflow, with the same Profile tag will cause older wipe records for a given Machine (if they exist), to be delete prior to the new Wipe Report being recorded.

Virtual Machines

If you are using Virtual Machines and wiping disk volumes, note that any of the erase levels implemented by Blancco LUN Eraser will cause the disk to inflate to it's fully specified size. This is an important consideration if you are backing your disk volumes as Sparse type disks. You must ensure that your backing storage for your Virtual Machine volumes is large enough for the disks to be fully inflated.