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The Lease Object defines the ephemeral mapping of a token, as defined by the reservation's or subnet's strategy, and an IP address assigned by the reservation or pulled form the subnet's pool. The lease contains the Strategy used for the token and the expiration time. The contents of the lease are immutable with the exception of the expiration time.

Leases track what IP addresses the system has handed out to what strategy/token pairs.

Field Definition Value
Strategy The strategy that the DHCP service used to allocate the IP address this lease handed out.
Token The string that the strategy uniquely identifies a network interface with.
Address The IP address that was handed out.
State The state the lease is in.
PROBE The IP address is being probed via ICMP Echo Requests to make sure it is not in use by another system.
OFFER The IP address was offered to a system in response to a DHCP discover.
ACK The IP address was offered in response to a DHCP request.
ExpireTime The time at which the lease expires.