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VMware Custom ISO

When you need to build your own ISO for a VMware release that RackN does not provide a BootEnv for you need to build your own Template and BootEnv for it as well. This document will help you with that process. Future versions of the vmware plugin should not require this process, but as of 4.6 it is still a requirement.


To obtain our offline bundles you will need to grab them from here:

For build instructions please refer to the vmware official documentation and select the version of vsphere relevant to what you are working with:


We are currently working on enhancements to our product that will make it so isos will not need to be built and the offline bundles we provide will installed during kickstart.

When you build your own ISO that RackN does not provide a BootEnv for you must also build your own BootEnv and Templates (this is the case for anything not just vmware). For ESXi we provide a script to help with that process. To obtain that script you can visit:


This is a bash script that must be run from a Linux machine. Save this file and set it to be executable and run it

This will provide the full usage instructions with some common examples. This is known to work with the current version of that script, and is a common use case for 1 off ISOs that customers tend to build or need.

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