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Image-deploy requires a CentOS repo

When using Image-deploy inside of sledgehammer, the system requires at least one repo to function. Most of the time this works fine or if the quickstart guide is followed.

If neither the centos install isos are downloaded nor the package-repositories parameter points to valid repositories, then the install of the image-deploy tools will fail.


Add the centos-8-install or centos-7-install isos to the system.

To do this:

drpcli bootenvs uploadiso centos-7-install

# or

drpcli bootenvs uploadiso centos-8-install

This choice of centos-7 or centos-8 is based upon the version of sledgeahammer you are using. Sledgehammer is currently centos-7 based, but will move to centos-8 by default in the next release, v4.6.0.

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