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Universal Resource Broker Operations

This section will address usage of the Universal Workflow system for Resource Brokers (v4.8+). The architecture and implementation of the Universal Workflow system is described at rs_universal_arch.

Note: the cluster feature is specific to v4.8+


Resource Brokers provide a critical abstraction for handling machine lifecycles in a general purpose away. Automation, such as a Cluster workflow, can make a non-differentiated request to a Resource Broker (generally via a work order) to allocate or release machines. Since the implementation is left to the broker, Digital Rebar operators are able to manage the details of how and where the resources are provided. For example, brokers can be used to abstract different clouds or cloud regions. They can also be used to front pools of physical machines to allow cloud-like allocation for bare metal infrastructure.

At this time, there is no universal workflow applications for Resource Brokers