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Rebooting without IPMI plugins (without a Task)

There are many ways to handle Machine reboots. This article describes some alternate ways that a Machine reboot may be induced in to a running system, without use of an external Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) via the IPMI or Redfish protocols.


Running tasks in Workflow can cause reboot conditions based on the scripts exit codes.


The Runner will automatically reboot the system if the BootEnv changes during a Workflow. You can force this behavior by changing the BootEnv to [local]{.title-ref} on the machine manually then starting a Workflow with a different BootEnv like [discover]{.title-ref}. This will cause the runner to reboot the machine.


  1. Clear the Machine Workflow
  2. Set the Machine BootEnv to [local]{.title-ref}
  3. Update
  4. Set the Workflow to a workflow with a different BootEnv.
  5. Update and watch machine reboot

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  • IPMI plugin for BMC / IPMI / Redfish reboot controls
  • Task exit codes in the rs_arch documentation
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