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What OS and Architectures does 'drpcli' run on?

This document describes the Operating System (OSes) and system Architectures that the drpcli CLI tool and Agent/Runner runs on. This is also the list of supported OSes/Architecture combos that RackN supports.


The ultimate source of truth for the Published and supported versions of the drpcli binary can be found by examining the Git publish script used by RackN to stage the published versions. You can find it here:

Each of the supported binaries can also be found on your existing installed DRP Endpoint in the files space.

As of March 2022, the current supported Arch/OS combos are as follows (please refer to the above URL for updates after this date):

  • amd64/darwin
  • amd64/linux
  • amd64/windows
  • arm64/linux
  • armv7/linux
  • ppc64le/linux

Additional Information

To find the currently compiled and supported drpcli binaries on your DRP Endpoint, you can use one of the following methods.

  1. See the Files menu item in the Portal/UX, items beginning with drpcli in the filename, followed by the architecture and OS (eg drpcli.ppc64le.linux)
  2. Using the API and the /files endpoint in the API
  3. Run the following drpcli command:

    `` bash drpcli files list | jq -r '.[] | select(startswith("drpcli"))' ```

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