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Image Deploy with Curtin Partitions and XFS

When doing image-deploy, there are a couple of errors that can be generated when using XFS. These include:

  • grub-install fails because of bad filesystem type
  • Missing / bad rootfs or other filesystem on reboot into running system.

This can happen when using Sledgehammer to image deploy Centos 7 or Ubuntu 18.04 or younger images.

The problem is that Centos 8 has a newer version of XFS that is incompatible with the XFS running in previous operating systems, e.g. Centos 7 or Ubuntu 18.04.

This happens when a curtin/partitions parameter is used that sets an XFS filesystem. This is NOT the default and so is only triggered from this action.


Within [curtin/partitions]{.title-ref} parameter, an additional variable will need to be added to all XFS filesystem creation stanzas. This looks like this (in JSON format):

"extra_options": [

This tells the Centos8-based sledgehammer to generate an XFS filesystem that will work in the older environments.

A complete XFS filesystem stanza would look like this:

 "extra_options": [
 "fstype": "xfs",
 "id": "disk0-part1",
 "label": "root-partition",
 "type": "format",
 "volume": "root_part"

You will also need to make sure that your image contains the XFS tools. If you are using image builder, you can use the [image-builder/additional-packages]{.title-ref} parameter with a value that includes [xfsprogs]{.title-ref}.

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