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External System Integrations

RackN's DRP provides many external integrations. If the integration you are looking for is not available, you can easily add one using one of our many processes.

Methods of Integration

You can add integrations with external systems in the following ways:

  • Callback plugin The callback feature in DRP allows users to specify a URL, along with the required authentication details, to facilitate an API call at any desired stage within the DRP process. This capability is designed to provide external systems with real-time notifications or signals based on DRP activities. Additionally, it offers the flexibility to send relevant DRP information as input to the external endpoint, ensuring seamless integration and data synchronization between DRP and other systems.

  • Plugins DRP offers a versatile plugin architecture that facilitates seamless integrations with external systems. For instance, our vault plugin is designed to interface directly with HashiCorp's Vault, retrieving secrets in real-time when required. Similarly, the "ad-auth plugin" integrates with Active Directory, ensuring that usernames and passwords are authenticated accurately and promptly. These plugins exemplify DRP's capability to extend its functionalities and integrate smoothly with a diverse range of external platforms.

Available Integrations