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Proxy Allow List

Proxy Allow List

This document provides a comprehensive lists of domains that should be included in a proxy's allow list.

URL Lists

While we do not specifically detail how to create the individual allow lists, we do provide the following URLs that can be used. We do not include external sites that may be used for components such as distribution ISOs pulled from bootenvs, etc.


Catalog URLs provide metadata and files that are used to install/upgrade components of Digital Rebar. Access to these URLs is not needed for normal operation.


Repo URLs provide storage for files needed Digital Rebar and it's components. Access to these URLs is not needed for normal operation.


UX URLs provide UX interface. Unless you are relying only on API, the CLI, or you have licensed airgap, you will need this for management of Digital Rebar.


URL used to communicate license information. This is normally needed for license renewals.


Support URLs aren't needed for regular operation, but are good to have available for support purposes.


Although specific sub-domains are already included, the following may be be a good wildcard addition to simplify lists.


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This document applies to all version of Digital Rebar.



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