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DRP Linode

This document outlines the installation and configuration of Digital Rebar on a Linode (virtual machine). There are two methods of deploying DRP in Linode, manually by connecting to the console and running a bash script, or by running a StackScript which provides automation at boot, similar to cloud-init.

This video shows the process


You can use public Stackscripts to quickly setup your DRP endpoint and attach nodes. They perform the same basic tasks as the code below.

  1. Create an endpoint using zehicle/drp and supply your version and password.
  2. Verify that the DRP Endpoint is available at the https://[endpoint_ip]:8092
  3. Create a node using zehicle/drp-node to join nodes to the endpoint. You'll need to know the endpoint_ip.

Install DRP in Linode

You can use the Centos-8 Linux image. While more is recommended, make sure that you have at least 1 GB of RAM. You should open ports 8090/tcp, 8091/tcp, and 8092/tcp to access the DRP server.

Bash script to install DRP


# Update your public IP Address
DRP_PUBLIC_ADDRESS='<DRP public address>'

### Open the right firewall ports for DRP
PORTS="8090/tcp 8091/tcp 8092/tcp"
for i in $PORTS; do
  echo -n "Opening Port: ${i} - "
  firewall-cmd --permanent --add-port="${i}"
firewall-cmd --reload

### Install DRP
curl -fsSL | 
  bash -s -- install \
    --universal \
    --version="${DRP_VERSION}" \
    --ipaddr="${DRP_PUBLIC_ADDRESS}" \


Remember to fill in the public IP address of the system

Once the system is online, you can access DRP using https://\<DRP public address>:8092.

Join a machine to a DRP Endpoint in Linode

Once you have a DRP endpoint installed, you can create additional Linode instances and join them to the DRP endpoint.

Bash script to run join a mchine to your DRP Endpoint

DRP_IP='<DRP public address>'                # Enter the public IP of your DRP Linode
DRP_PORT=8091                                # The fileserver port of the DRP endpoint

curl -kfsSL --retry 60 --retry-all-errors --retry-delay 5 "${drp_endpoint}"/machines/


Remember to fill in the public IP address of your DRP Endpoint