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How to use DRP as an HTTP/S File Server

This document describes how to use the Digital Rebar Platform (DRP) built in HTTP (and HTTPS) File Services.


All DRP Endpoints have a built in HTTP File Server service which can be used to stage files, artifacts, etc. for use in Workflow Stages, Tasks, and Templates. In addition, the HTTP File Server space is available via the HTTPS API port.

In this document, we will assume that the DRP Endpoint installed base directory is the default production location (/var/lib/dr-provision). If you have installed in the Isolated (with the --isolated flag at install time), or you have moved the base directory with the --drp-home-dir flag, please adjust accordingly.

You can copy files in to the filesystem path that is the designated HTTP Root, on the DRP Endpoint. You will find the HTTP Root filesystem path at:

  • /var/lib/dr-provision/tftpboot/files

However, you can use the API, CLI, or Portal to also stage and manage files in this space.

Saving Files

To save files to the HTTP file server path with the drpcli client, you can use the following command:

# assuming we have a local tar gzipped file named "foo.tgz"

drpcli files upload foo.tgz as bar/baz/foo.tgz

Thi will uploaded (assuming default production install paths) to:

  • /var/lib/dr-provision/tftpboot/files/bar/baz/foo.tgz


If you pass the --explode argument on the end of the command, then any tar zip files will automatically be unzipped, and untarred in the directory you specify. The constituent files in the zipped tarball will be directly available.

Getting Files

You can use the drpcli client to download files from the DRP Endpoint, with the following syntax:

drpcli files download bar/baz/foo.tgz as foo.tgz

Additionally, any standard HTTP compliant tool can be used (eg wget or curl).


# wget the HTTP file server path location

wget http://drp:8091/files/bar/baz/foo.tgz

# get via HTTPS API port path, via wget or curl - note that it may be necessary
# to ignore the TLS certificate - shown in these examples

wget --no-check-certificate
curl -k

Deleting Files

This is best/easiest done with the drpcli tool. Use of curl/wget can be achieved, but appropriate REST headers and authentication have to be passed in.

# below we destroy the paths individually, there is no recursive option available
# on this command

drpcli files destroy bar/baz/foo.tgz
drpcli files destroy bar/baz
drpcli files destroy bar

Workflow Templating

In workflow Stages/Tasks/Templates, the following golang templating constructs can be used to build up the appropriate HTTP/S paths, unique to the DRP Endpoint you are working with.

This is extremely usefully for Multi-Site Manager endpoints, as the Files server artifacts can be automatically replicated/synchronized to downstream managed DRP Endpoints. As such, you may not know the DRP Endpoints IP address information in your content packs. Additionally, the HTTP File server port, or the HTTPS API port will be dynamically added to the rendered string as well (these can change between deployments).


{{ .ProvisionerURL }}/files/bar/baz/foo.tgz

expands to:


{{ .ApiURL }}/files/bar/baz/foo.tgz

expands to:


The template expanded IP Address will be the one that is in use by the given Machine at the time the Template is rendered. There may be multiple interfaces on a DRP Endpoint, and the templating system will use the one that is in use for communication between the DRP Endpoint and the Machine.

It is always recommended to use the drpcli client when possible, along with the Template constructs to build up the correct URL reference paths. This helps to ensure that your Content can be moved between different DRP Endpoints as your use of the product/service grows in your organization.

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