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Content Upload Error with 'U+002D'

When trying to upload a Content Pack to a DRP Endpoint, you receive an error similar to:

Error: PUT: content-pack-name: tasks:my-task-name: Templates[0} Error parsing
Contents: template: template-name:15: bad character U+002D '-'

The actual content-pack-name, my-task-name, and template-name will be specific to your content. In addition, you may not have a Task listed in the error message, if your template is an External template (contained in the templates directory).


In the referenced Template, you most likely have a Golang construct that is not properly protected with quotes. This is often a .Param reference to a Parameter that contains dashes (Unicode U+002D character), which must be quote protected.

Here is an example of the BAD reference:

{{ .Param foo-bar }}

The Param foo-bar must be quote protected. GOOD example:

{{ .Param "foo-bar" }}

Find the Template line number in the referenced output; in the above example, it is on line 15 of the template. You will need to add quotes around the item that contains the dashes (-, Unicode U+002D character).

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