Endpoint Exec

Endpoint Exec (endpoint-exe) provides the ability to execute some restricted commands on the DRP Enpdoint on behalf of the machine.

The machine would execute a task that does a "runaction" that triggers the command and it returns the result of that command.

The result is sent through as a JSON blob.

  "ReturnCode": 0,
  "StandardOut": "standard out of command",
  "StandardErr": "standard err of command"

The command is specified by the "endpoint-exec/action" parameter. Additional command line args can be sent by setting the "endpoint-exec/parameters" parameter.

The plugin requires those actions map to a structure in the plugin parameter, endpoint-exec/actions.

That structure looks like this:

  "my-command": {
    "Path": "/path/to/command.py",
    "BaseArgs": "arg1 arg2"

Path defines the path to the command to execute. It should be an absolute path.

BaseArgs defines additional arguments for that command. This is optional.