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Stages are used to define a set of tasks that must be run in a specific order, potentially in a specific bootenv.

Stages may also provided rendered templates while the Machine, Cluster, or Resource Broker is in that stage.

Field Definition
Name The unique name of the stage.
Templates A list of TemplateInfos that will be template-expanded for a machine whenever it transitions to a new stage.
RequiredParams A list of parameters that are required to be present (directly or indirectly) on a machine to use this stage. It is used to verify that a machine has all the parameters it needs to be able to boot using this stage.
OptionalParams A list of parameters that the stage may use if present (directly or indirectly) on a machine.
BootEnv The boot environment that the stage must run in. If this field is empty or blank, the assumption is that the stage will function no matter what environment the machine was booted in. Changing the stage of a machine will always change the boot environment of the machine to the one that the stage needs, if any.
Profiles This is a list of profile names that will be used for param resolution at template expansion time. These profiles have a higher priority than the default profile, and a lower priority than profiles attached to a machine directly.
Tasks This is a list of task names that will replace the tasks list on a machine whenever the machine switches to using this stage.
Reboot This has been deprecated. Indicates whether or not the machine must be rebooted if a machine switches to this stage. Generally, if this flag is set the stage will also have a specific bootenv defined as well. While this flag is still honored, the runner will automatically reboot the machine as needed to satisfy the bootenv of the stage.
RunnerWait This has been deprecated. It used to indicate that the machine agent should wait for more tasks to be added to the machine once it finishes runnning the tasks for this stage. The runner will currently always wait unless it is explicitly told to exit by an entry in the change-stage/map (also deprecated), or by the exit status of a task.