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Time Units for Tokens

This article describes the valid values that can be used to express time units when creating Tokens.

The default time unit is often expressed as Seconds, but additional time unit helpers are available to create time scoped (TTL value) Tokens with shortcut units.


When creating a Token, the following command is often expressed throughout the documentation:

drpcli users token rocketskates ttl 86400 ...

The above examples creates a Token based on the User rocketskates roles permissions, set to a Time-to-Live (TTL) value of 24 hours, as expressed in seconds.

The following additional helpers can be used to create eaiser to use and more intuitive length TTL values. The format is the time specification, followed by the unit of measure, with no spaces (eg 1m for 1 minute).

unit description example
s Seconds 1s, 10s, 86400s
m Minutes 10m, 30m
h Hours 1h, 6h
d Days 1d, 10d
w Weeks 1w, 5w
mo Months 1mo, 2mo, 10mo
y Years 1y, 3y
never ~100 years never


1s is equivalent to just 1, since the default unit is seconds, no trailing sis technically required. It is provided for completeness.

No Combined Units

Units can not be combined in to more complex strings.


1w2d is NOT valid for 9 days (1 week and 2 days).

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All versions 4.x and newer.


ttl, scope, token, length, duration, time units, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years

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