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How to Update MAC Addresses for Machine (eg change NIC)

It may be necessary from time to time to change the Network Interface Card(s) (NICs) in systems. The NIC Media Access Control (MAC) Addresses are used to uniquely identify machines, and as a consequence, this will cause the DRP Endpoint to not associate the Machine object and the physical system correctly.

In these cases, it is necessary to change the Machines registered MAC Addresses in the Machine object. Subsequent "discovery" processes will not correctly correlate the Machine to the Machine object via the new MAC Addresses.

Fortunately, it's very easy to update the Machine object with the Machine's newly updated MAC Addresses.

The MAC Addresses are tracked in the Machine objects HardwareAddrs JSON top level field.


To modify the MAC Addresses associated with a given Machine, update the HardwareAddrs top level field on the Machine.

The Machine UUID or the Machine's "Name" field can be used to select which Machine to update. In the below examples, we will use a Machine UUID as referenced by the shell variable RS_UUID. Please update the RS_UUID variable correctly, or substitute the command example directly with the UUID or Name (eg

View the current MAC Addresses:

# set "RS_UUID" appropriately
drpcli machines show $RS_UUID | jq -r '.HardwareAddrs'

Example update command with drpcli:

# set "RS_UUID" appropriately
# set correct MAC Addresses appropriately to your Machine
drpcli machines update Name:test '{ "HardwareAddrs": [ "12:34:56:00:00:01", "12:34:56:00:00:02" ] }'

The previous "View" command should now show you the updated MAC Addresses in the Machine object.

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