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Change a Machines Name

This article describes how an operator can attempt to change a Machine's defined name, inside the deployed Operating System.


Machine name changes must be supported by the Workflow being executed, to affect the change inside the Operating System. Most RackN and Digital Rebar provided content supports this methodology. However, if you are customizing your kickstart or preseed templates, this process may not work if you have not arranged for these Param values to be utilized.


If you wish to update/change a Machine Name, you can do:

export UUID="abcd-efgh-ijkl-mnop-qrst"
drpcli machines update $UUID '{ "Name": "foobar" }'


You can NOT use the drpcli machines set ... construct as it only sets Param values. The Machines name is a Field, not a Parameter. This will NOT work: drpcli machines set $UUID param Name to foobar.

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