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This document describes how-to add SSH keys to Authorized Keys.




The UX offers a "Add Key" button on the top of the "Info & Preference" panel that will perform the following steps for you.

To have provisioned operating systems (including discovery/sledgehammer) add SSH keys, you should set the access-keys parameter with a hash of the desired keys. This Param should be applied to the Machines you wish to update, either directly via adding the Param to the Machines, or by adding the Param to a Profile that is subsequently added to the Machines. NOTE that the global Profile applies to all Machines, and you can add it to global should you desire to add the set of keys to ALL Machines being provisioned.

The below example adds User1 and User2 SSH keys to the profile my-profile. Change appropriately for your enviornment.

cat << END_KEYS > my-keys.json
  "Params": {
    "access-keys": {
      "user1": "ssh-rsa user_1_key user1@krib",
      "user2": "ssh-rsa user_2_key user2@krib"

drpcli profiles update my-profile keys.json

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