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Expand Templates from Failed Job

How to expand templates from a task (job) that may have failed.


This procedure shows how to do it via API. The Web Portal will show rendered templates from a Job, in the Jobs Log menu section.


If you have a task/template that has failed, once it's been run by the Job system, you can collect the rendered template. The rendered template will be in JSON format, so it may be hard to parse.

# set Endpoint and User/Pass appropriately for your environment
export RS_ENDPOINT=""
export RS_KEY="rocketskates:r0cketsk8ts"

# get your Job ID from the failed job, and set accordingly:
curl -k -u $RS_KEY $RS_ENDPOINT/api/v3/jobs/$JOBID/actions > $JOBID.json

# optional - if you have the remarshal tools installed:
json2yaml $JOBID.json > $JOBID.yaml

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