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Contributing to KB Articles

This document outlines the process to generate a new Knowledge Base article using the provided scripts and documentation system for Digital Rebar.


It is highly recommended to utilize the script to generate a Knowledge Base Article template.


Knowledge Base articles are markdown files. The KB article filenames must conform to the following format:

  • kb-NNNNN[=description_text].rst

Where NNNNN is an article Index number, and must be a zero padded 5 digit number. An optional -description_text may be appended after the Index number. Examples:

  • kb-99998.rst
  • kb-99999-example_kb_article.rst

The Knowledge Base article document must conform to the format found in this document for headings and field information. A shell script tool is available to generate an empty template with appropriate fields and layout.

To generate a new template KB article file, please use the shell script named, found in the Digital Rebar GitHub repo. See the script usage -u option flag for details on how to use it. It will attempt to auto-generate a new Index id number for your article, and a prepared template file.


git clone
cd provision
tools/ -u


Article Index ID numbers should be numerically incremented, do not choose random Index numbers. Only use the '-i NNNNN' option to fill in deleted (gap) index numbers.

Here are some example usages of the script to generate a template KB article file:

# specify the Title and a cross-reference label
tools/ -t "My KB Title" -l rs_my_kb

# specify only the Title, and a cross-reference label will be auto-generated with
#   how_to_fix_broken_thing
tools/ -t "How to Fix Broken Thing"

# assuming there is an article number gap (eg an old KB article was deleted), here
# we define a specific Article index ID using Shell Varibles with Title as option flag
INDEX=00007 tools/ -t "New KB Article"

Usage options

USAGE:  $0 [ -n ] | [ -d DOCDIR ] | [ -i INDEX ] [ -t TITLE ]
   OR:  $0 -u

WHERE:  -n           DO NOT Attempt to start editor on generated tempalte file
        -d DOCDIR    Specify the document directory for the KB articles
                     (defaults to "doc")
        -k KBDIR     Specify the Knowledge Base subdir in DOCDIR
                     (defaults to "kb")
        -i INDEX     Specify the article Index number
                     (defaults to generate next numerical value found in
                     the DOCDIR/KBDIR/ directory)
        -t TITLE     Provide an initial title to set for the KB article.
                     (none by default)
        -l LABEL     Provide an initial label for the title (requires TITLE)
                     (none by default)
        -u           print this usage statement

NOTES:  * DOCDIR, KBDIR, INDEX, TITLE, and LABEL can be passed in as command line variables, like:

            # produces path foo/dir/knowledge/
            DOCDIR=foo/dir KBDIR=knowledge INDEX=00007 TITLE="Foo Title" $0

        * Environment variables override command line flags
        * Indexes must be 5 digit numbers

Please note the above usage options may change over time. Refer to the script for the most up-to-date usage options.

Additional Information

Additional resources and information related to this Knowledge Base article.

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This document applies to all version of Digital Rebar.


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Revision Information

KB Article     :  kb-00000
initial release:  Tue Jun  9 15:42:37 PDT 2020
updated release:  Tue Jun  9 16:42:37 PDT 2020