VersionSet Model

The versionset object defines a set of configuration state that could be applied to an endpoint.

It includes the common fields Description, Documentation, Errors, Available, Valid, Meta, Endpoint, and Bundle.

Field Element Description
Id The name of the version set.
DRPVersion Defines desired installed DRP Version.
DRPUXVersion Defines the desired installed DRP UX Version.
Components A list of elements to install (these are content packages and plugin providers).
Name The element name (examples: burnin, bios).
Type The element type. The value can be either CP (content), or PP (plugin). A value is required.
Version The short-form version of the element (examples: tip, stable, v4.3.2. This is required and will fill in ActualVersion from a catalog.
ActualVersion Th actual, long-form version of the element.
Plugins A list of plugin configurations to apply. This comes from the list of plugins on the managing endpoint.
Prefs A partial map of string preference values to apply.
Global A partial map of the global values to apply.
Files A list of file data objects that should be installed on the endpoint.
Path The ISOs or Files path for this file to live at.
Sha256Sum The SHA256 sum of the file.
Source A URL of the file. This can be a full URL or self://path to indicate that a local file should be used.
Explode A boolean flag that if true will cause bsdtar to explode the file at the Path location.
Apply A boolean field that if true allows the version set to be applied. This should be true and the endpoint apply field used instead.