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pipeline image

A Pipeline is a Profile with:

  • Name field starts with universal-application-



  • The universal/application parameter set to pipeline name (without the universal-application-)


    The Pipline universal-application-centos-8 would have a value of centos-8

  • Chain of Pipeline Workflows to Apply to the Machine/Cluster/ResourceBroker

    • The Chain is looked up in the default map by universal/application value
      • The default map is in the parameter, universal/workflow-chain-map.
      • A custom map could be provided directly in this parameter.
    • Or overridden by the universal/workflow-chain-index-override parameter
  • A set of parameters that will customize the workflows as needed.

A Machine/Cluster/ResourceBroker (referred to as Machine) will execute a pipeline when the pipeline profile is added to the machine, the machine is in workflow mode, the machine is Runnable, and the Machine's workflow is set to a workflow in the chain.

The workflow chain is a directed graph with multiple starting points. The starting points are green diamonds in the picture above.
The most common starting point is universal-discover, but other entry points are possible. For example, cloud instances use universal-start instead.