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lpxelinux.0 error: no such file or directory

This document describes the logfile "error" messages related to PXE booting that an operator might normally see. This condition does not necessarily indicate any problems with your system.


After TFTPing lpxelinux.0, logs (or network packet traces) may show an error similar to:

477    0.378296662    TFTP    159    Error Code, Code:
File not found, Message: open /var/lib/dr-provision/tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg/16089a59-9abd-48c2-850a-2ac3bc134935: no such file or directory``

This is expected behavior that is standard PXE waterfall searching for a valid filename to boot from. For full reference, please see the syslinux reference documentation, at:

The expected behavior is for a client to attempt to download files in the following order:

  1. client id (DRP does not use this option, which is what generates the error)
  2. mac address (in the form of 01-88-99-aa-bb-cc-dd)
  3. ip address in uppercase Hexadecimal format, stepping through IP, subnet, and classful boundaries
  4. fall back to the default defined file

Due to this behavior, filenames will be specified that do not exist, and the error message related to that probe request is a normal message. This is NOT an indicator that provisioning is broken in your environment.

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