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Developing the CLI

Using the process for the server will generate the files needed to build the cli.

It generates the following directories:

  • client
  • models

The cli uses those client files to access the server. The editable cli code lives in:

  • cli

The hope is that the CLI will use a generated client library based upon the generated swagger.json file. This will help ensure that we are building a valid and viable swagger.json file. The tool generates all the components need for the cli and also builds multiple instances of it.

Building Client

While a single go build command will generate the cli, it is safer to use the script to ensure that all the parts are accurately generated.

  • tools/

The results are stored in the bin directory based upon OS and platform. We currently build windows, linux, and darwin for amd64.

Running Client

After building the code, use the tools/ script to get a cli and dr-provision binary in the top-level directory for the platform.

  • tools/ --isolated install

Once that has been done a single time, symbolic links are created so that running commands from the top-level directory should work.

  • ./drpcli

For more information, see rs_install.