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A DRP (Digital Rebar Provision) Pipeline refers to an automated, standardized process crafted for infrastructure automation. It's essentially a specific type of Digital Rebar Profile, which connects to a Universal Application and has configurable parameters. While Universal Applications serve as general templates with default settings, Pipelines are tailor-made, allowing operators to customize or enhance those defaults as needed.

The following documents will give you more information on building, maintaining and using pipelines:

  • Pipeline Architecture This document gives you a detailed introduction to pipelines and walks you through creating a simple pipeline.

  • Universal Pipelines This document talks about universal pipelines and using the universal workflow system to provision linux machines.

  • Universal Hardware Architecture This document talks about the pipelines used for hardware management and customization.

  • Universal Workflow Architecture This document outlines the parameters within the Universal Workflow Pipelines, enabling you to tailor your pipeline precisely to your requirements.

  • Universal Workflow Operations This section delves into how to use the Universal Workflow system.

Some additional documents that would assist with understanding DRP pipelines: