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1040 Find Orphaned AWS Instances

10 Minutes introductory

Discover AWS instances created outside of Digital Rebar

Business ROI: Improved operational control and consistency of infrastructure

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Additional Labs:

Additional Checklist Items:

  • The AWS cloud broker installed
  • At least one AWS instance running in your AWS region that was not created by Digital Rebar

  • Access to your cloud provider console


  • tagged workers


Create an AWS reference cluster

  1. To provide a base-line, create a minimal cluster using the AWS resource broker (lab 1020)
  2. Allow it to create new AWS instances

Create AWS-CLI broker

  1. Create an AWS-CLI based Resource Broker with your AWS credentials and region
  2. Wait for the broker to enter Work Order mode

Run the Discovery Process

  1. From the AWSCLI Broker, select and apply the cloud-awscli-reconcile-instances blueprint
  2. Review the Alerts to see the INFO created by Digital Rebar discovering unregistered machines
  3. Review the Machines to see machines created by Digital Rebar based on your AWS-CLI broker configuration. Note that scans are region specific
  4. Review all AWS machines to confirm that the aws/inspect Param is populated with AWS discovery information