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TFTP Error

There are a number of TFTP Aborted error messages in the log file. Is this a problem?


In the dr-provision logfiles you may occassionally see error messages relating to TFTP Aborted. These errors are (typically) benign and expected behavior. The TFTP protocol does not specify a mechanism to obtain the size of a file to transfer for calculating completed transfer; without first requesting the file. Digital Rebar Provision initiates the transfer request an then immediately aborts it. This obtains the file size for the next transfer to validate the file was served correctly.

Simply ignore these errors. If you receive these errors and you believe you should be provisioning correctly, check that you have correctly specified the default/unknown BootEnv, default Stage, and default Workflow are set correctly.

error messages may appear similarly to:

May 24 13:48:22 ubuntu dr-provision[7092]: dr-provision 2018/05/24 20:48:22.006224 [280:13]static [error]: /home/travis/gopath/src/
May 24 13:48:22 ubuntu dr-provision[7092]: [280:13]TFTP: lpxelinux.0: transfer error: sending block 0: code=0, error: TFTP Aborted

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