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Why use Digital Rebar integrated DHCP?

We recommend using the Digital Rebar integrated DHCP; however, some operational environments require using another DHCP service. RackN can provide guideance about the required settings option and next server values for using an external DHCP server.

The purpose of this article is to outline features and benefits of using the integrated DHCP server.


Digital Rebar DHCP is Required For:

  • Secure Boot - the integrated DHCP server is required due to chain of trust requirements in a secure boot system.
  • EUFI - Digital Rebar has specialized paths that help influence EUFI booting sequences. These paths require an integrated DHCP system.

Benefits Of Digital Rebar DHCP include:

  • API Driven - operators can make chnages to DHCP via API without having to change configuration files.
  • Atomic Actions - operators do not need to restart Digital Rebar for changes to take effect.
  • Integrated Registration - machines registered via the intergrated DHCP are known to Digital Rebar via MAC and IP address before they are fully discovered.
  • Lease Timing - integrated DHCP is tuned to handle IP allocation during boot and provisioning processes.
  • Protections from Lease from Exhaustion - bootstrapping systems may cycle through DHCP reservations and the integrated DHCP is designed to handle this scenario.
  • IaC Controls - the integrated DHCP can be managed using Digital Rebar content packs and IaC techniques.
  • Next Server - the integrated DHCP will automatically manage Next Server redirects to the correct interfaces and IP addresses without additional configuration
  • Specialized Options - the integrated DHCP server can handle advanced configuration options when required for specialized infrastructure such as switches or Raspberry Pi.

Additional Information

See RFC 2132

See Also

Please see rs_dhcp_arch


Most features are available in v4+

Secure Boot became available in v4.4+


DHCP, Secure Boot, EUFI, IPAM

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