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Proxmox VM create fails with tls_process_server_certificate error

When using the Proxmox Resource Broker to create Machines, the following error occurs:

Error: error creating VM: 596 tls_process_server_certificate: certificate verify failed

This typically occurs on initial create, expanding, or shrinking a Cluster which is backed by a Proxmox Resource Broker.

The error occurs even when the proxmox/tls-insecure Param is set to true.


Proxmox hypervisors are excruciatingly sensitive to the hypervisor node name, which must be hard coded in the /etc/hosts file prior to setup of the Proxmox Virtual Environment. The hypervisor node name can NOT be changed after the setup has been performed.

There are two primary Params that are set in the Cluster state tracking Profile. These values MUST match the configured hypervisor node name and the TLS Certificate disposition. They are:

  • proxmox/node: The initial setup hyprvisor node name
  • proxmox/tls-insecure: Defines trust of the TLS certificate, requires true for self-signed certificates

The value in proxmox/node must be DNS resolvable, and must exactly match the initial Proxmox install value. It is NOT possible to set this to an IP Address value, if the hypervisor node was set to named value (for example proxmox01).

The node name value can ONLY be changed after initial Proxmox hypervisor setup is complete if there are no Virtual machines or Containers.

Correct the proxmox/node value to use the correct node name.

A complete example Job Log output with the failure information is below. Note that several values are specific to the environment (hypervisor, cluster name, virtual machine names, etc)

Plan: 1 to add, 0 to change, 0 to destroy.
proxmox_vm_qemu.drp_machine["raven-0"]: Creating...

Error: error creating VM: 596 tls_process_server_certificate: certificate verify
failed, error status: (params: map[agent:0 args: balloon:1024 bios:seabios
boot:order=net0;scsi0 cores:2 cpu:host description:DRP deployed VM on Proxmox node hotplug:network,disk,usb kvm:true machine: memory:4096 name:raven-0 net0:virtio=12:C6:E7:E3:88:C8,bridge=vmbr0 numa:false onboot:false ostype:l26 scsi0:local-lvm:32,cache=writeback,discard=on,iothread=1,ssd=1 scsihw:virtio-scsi-single sockets:1 startup: tablet:true tags: vmid:100])

with proxmox_vm_qemu.drp_machine["raven-0"],
on line 71, in resource "proxmox_vm_qemu" "drp_machine":

71: resource "proxmox_vm_qemu" "drp_machine" {

!!!! terraform apply failed! !!!!
Removing empty terraform.tfstate file
Saving .terraform.lock.hcl file to machine
Did not succeed - fail

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DRP v4.6.0 and newer, with proxmox content installed v4.6.0 or newer


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