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Troubleshooting Portal WebSockets

Occasionally the RackN Portal will have connectivity issues due to the self-signed certificates expiring.

When the socket loses connection, a megaphone icon button on the top left will flash red and say "Unable to access DRP"

Clicking this icon will yield the error code and status.


See additional information for a list of error codes.

The most common and hard to troubleshoot issue is the [1006 - CLOSE_ABNORMAL]{.title-ref} error. This usually happens when the browser does not show the accept certificate page when the websocket is getting TLS errors.

The easiest fix is to completely close and re-open the browser so the accept certificate dialog can be shown.

Additional Information

List of RFC6455 Web Socket status codes, most of which are never seen or are not used:

  • 1000 - CLOSE_NORMAL - Normal closure
  • 1001 - CLOSE_GOING_AWAY - Server goes down or webpage is navigated away from
  • 1002 - CLOSE_PROTOCOL_ERROR - Endpoint terminates connection due to protocol error
  • 1003 - CLOSE_UNSUPPORTED - DRP or UX sends unsupported data (binary instead of text)
  • 1005 - CLOSED_NO_STATUS - Should never get this, it means no status code was provided
  • 1006 - CLOSE_ABNORMAL - Socket closed without a close control frame - likely due to TLS errors
  • 1007 - Unsupported payload - Sending non-UTC-8 data
  • 1008 - Policy violation - Should never get this, it means the message violates policy
  • 1009 - CLOSE_TOO_LARGE - Happens when a message is too long, the portal should automatically reconnect
  • 1010 - Mandatory extension - Not implemented
  • 1011 - Server error - Server crashed
  • 1012 - Service restart - Server is restarting
  • 1013 - Try again later - Not implemented
  • 1014 - Bad gateway - Not implemented
  • 1015 - TLS handshake fail - Server certificate cannot be verified

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This document applies to all versions of Digital Rebar and RackN Portal v1.18+


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