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Update Community Content via Command Line

This article describes how to update or upgrade the Community Content pack via the drpcli command line. This procedure is also true for any content pack that you may wish to update.


Here's a brief example of how to upgrade the Community Content installed in a DRP Endpoint using the command line. See rs_download_rackn_content for additional steps with RackN content.

Perform the following steps to obtain new content.

View our currently installed Content version:


$ drpcli contents show drp-community-content | jq .meta.Version

Get and upload our new version (in this example, explicitly set version to v1.5.0. However, you may also specify stable, or tip, and do not require specific version numbers for those.

drpcli contents upload catalog:drp-community-content-v1.5.0


$ drpcli catalog item install drp-community-content --version

Now verify that our installed content matches the new vesion we expected.

$ drpcli contents show drp-community-content | jq .meta.Version

Next check if sledgehammer needs to be updated

drpcli bootenvs uploadiso sledgehammer

This command will update the sledgehammer isos if required. If your output from the above command is

BootEnv sledgehammer already has all required ISO files

Then your sledgehammer is all up to date.

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