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Bind Error

The Digital Rebar Provision service (dr-provision) failed to start up. I received an error about address already in use.


Digital Rebar Provision will fail if it cannot attach to one of the required ports.

  • Typical Error Messages:
    • Digital Rebar fails with [listen udp4 :67: bind: address already in use]{.title-ref}
    • Installer fails preflight check with [The following ports are in use]{.title-ref}
  • Additional Information: The conflicted port will be included in the error between colons (e.g.: [:67:]{.title-ref})
  • Investigate by using [sudo netstat -ua]{.title-ref} to list all UDP ports in use by your system; however, you may have conflicts without showing listener!
  • Workaround: If the conflicting service is not required, simply disable that service
  • Resolution: Stop the offending service on the system. Typical corrective actions are:
    • 67 - dhcp. Correct with [sudo pkill dnsmasq]{.title-ref}
    • Remove the DHCP elements from libvirt (see below)

See the rs_arch_ports mapping list on start-up of the dr-provision service for a complete list.

Once dr-provision is running, you can obtain a list of the ports that it's holding open with the following CLI command:

  • drpcli info status

Additional Information

While stopping dnsmasq will address the immediate concern, operators should determine and disable the service(s) that are conflicting since they are likely to cause issues to reoccure.

Disable Libvirt

If Libvirt is conficting, you may choose to simply distable Libvirt and kill dnsmasq.

sudo systemctl disable --now libvirtd && sudo pkill dnsmasq

Disable DHCP in Libvirt

Instead of disabling Libvirt, operators may choose to remove the DHCP service from Libvirt and keep it running otherwise.

# if you don't have virsh, you'll need to install it
sudo yum install -y libvirt-client

# find the active networks (lkely default)
sudo virsh net-list
# in editor - remove all dhcp elements from <ip> section
sudo virsh net-edit <nets - generally default>

# remove the network
sudo virsh net-destroy <nets - generally default>
# reset the system
sudo virsh net-start <nets - generally default>

See Also

Digital Rebar uses the following network rs_arch_ports.




dhcp, bind address, port, startup, dnsmasq, libvirt

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