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Image Deploy

Image Deploy

This diagram provides a high-level description of Image Deploy.

```d2 layout=elk ...@docs/assets/classes/all machine: |md ### Assumptions * Machine is in Sledgehammer * Assumes cloud-init is included in image. * Injects DRP binaries and configuration files for DRP and cloud-init. * Ends in image OS. |

runner: { class: runner

universal-discover.class: workflow

universal-discover: {
    direction: down
    callback.class: task
    pre-flexiflow.class: task
    burnin.class: task
    burnin-reboot.class: task
    post-flexiflow.class: task
    classify.class: task
    validation.class: task
    callback.class: task
    workflow-chain.class: task


machine -- runner

burnin-notes: |md * works like validation and flexiflow * can replace tasks * has simple cpu, disk and memory tests * Sets skip-only done once |

burnin-notes -- runner.universal-discover.burnin

burnin-reboot-notes: |md * counted reboot test, that's it. * sets skip-only done once. |

burnin-reboot-notes -- runner.universal-discover.burnin-reboot ```