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Tasks in DRP represent the smallest discrete unit work that the runner can use to perform work on a specific machine. The runner creates and executes a job for each task on the machine.

Field Definition
Name The unique name of the task.
RequiredParams A list of parameters that are required to be present (directly or indirectly) on a machine to use this task. It is used to verify that a machine has all the parameters it needs to be able to execute this task.
OptionalParams A list of parameters that the task may use if present (directly or indirectly) on a machine.
Templates A list of template info objects that will be rendered into job actions when the machine agent starts exeuting this task as a job.
Prerequisites A list of tasks that must be run in the current bootenv before this task can be run. DRP will not allow a cyclical prerequisite A task cannot have themselves as prerequisites either directly or indirectly.