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The param object is the lowest level building block. It is a simple key/value pair. Each param is a bounded type parameter, and type definition is enforced.

Field Definition
Name The unique name of the Param. Any time you update a Profile or add, remove, or change a parameter value on another object, DRP will check to see if a Param exists for the corresponding parameter key.
Schema A JSON object that contains a valid JSONSchema (draft v4 or higher) that describes what a valid value for the Param looks like. You may also provide a default value for the Param using the default stanza in the JSON schema.
Secure Data managed in this param must be handled in a secure fashion. It will never be passed in cleartext over the API without proper Role based authorization, will be stored in an encrypted wrapper, and will only be made available in an unencrypted form for schema validation on the server, performing plugin actions, and running Tasks on a machine.

Some example types that can be used with Schema:

Type Description
integer A numerical value (eg 12 or -3444)
boolean True or False (true or false)
string Textual string (eg "this is a string!")
array A series of elements of the same type
map A higher-order function that applies a given function to each element of a list, returning a list of results in the same order.