15. RackN Portal

The RackN Portal provides a complete graphical solution to manage Digital Rebar Provision.

16. UX Metadata

The following items are commonly used on all Object types to provide UX rendering guides:

  • icon: [icon name] - sets the icon

  • color: [color name] - set the color

The following items are commonly used on Params to provide UX rendering guides:

  • password: [anyvalue] - renders as password (NOT encrypted, just obfuscated)

  • clipboard: [anyvalue] - provides a copy button so user can copy the param contents to clipboard.

  • readonly: [anyvalue] - does not allow UX editing

  • render: link - adds an https://[value] link field that opens in a new tab.

  • render: multiline - presents a textarea for string inputs

  • render: raw - presents textarea to user instead of regular edit, does not reformat

  • downloadable: [file name] - provides download link so user can download the param contents as a file. Name of the file is the value of the Meta.downloadable.

  • route: [object name] - when included, the UX will provide a link to the underlying object as per the Param value

A complete list of .Meta values are used throughtout Digital Rebar for both UX and operational controls. Please consult Object.Meta.