2.1. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Existing machines can use the join-up.sh script to join a DRP endpoint without having to go through a netboot. The AWS integration uses this feature to manage virtual machines.

These instructions can also be adapted to work on GCE or other cloud infrastructure.

2.1.1. Install DRP in AWS

You can use the Amazon Linux AMI. While more is recommended, make sure that you have at least 1 GB of RAM. You should open ports 8091 and 8092 to access the DRP server.

For Kubernetes, make sure to also open ports 6443 and 10250

sudo yum install bsdtar -y
curl -fsSL get.rebar.digital/tip | bash -s -- install --systemd --version=stable --drp-password=r0cketsk8ts

### Install Content and Configure Discovery
drpcli contents upload catalog:task-library-stable
drpcli contents upload catalog:drp-community-content-stable
drpcli workflows create '{"Name": "discover-aws", "Stages":
  ["discover","aws-discover", "runner-service", "complete"]
drpcli prefs set defaultWorkflow discover-aws unknownBootEnv discovery

### Optional: add some Kubernetes magic
drpcli plugin_providers upload certs from catalog:certs-stable
drpcli contents upload catalog:krib-stable
drpcli profiles create '{"Name":"krib", "Meta": {
    "render": "krib", "reset-keeps": "krib/cluster-profile,etcd/cluster-profile",
drpcli profiles set krib param "etcd/cluster-profile" to "krib"
drpcli profiles set krib param "krib/cluster-profile" to "krib"
drpcli workflows create '{"Name":"krib-aws", "Stages": [
    "ssh-access", "docker-install", "kubernetes-install","etcd-config","krib-config","krib-helm","krib-live-wait"

Once the system is online, you can access DRP using https://[DRP public address].

2.1.2. Join a machine to a DRP Endpoint in AWS

Once you have a DRP endpoint installed in AWS

export drp=[DRP ADDRESS]
timeout 300 bash -c 'while [[ "$(curl -fsSL -o /dev/null -w %{http_code} $drp:8091/machines/join-up.sh)" != "200" ]]; do sleep 5; done' || false

curl -fsSL $drp:8091/machines/join-up.sh | sudo bash --

The machines started using this process will register with their internal IP address. By including the aws-discover stage, the machines will log their external IP address to the cloud/public-ipv4 parameter.