6.1. Digital Rebar version 4.13 [in planning]

Release Date: Summer 2023

Release Themes: TBD

TBD Executive Summary

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6.1.1. Important Notices

New for this release:

  • TBD

From prior releases:

  • copy from prior Vulnerabilities

None known Deprecations

None known Removals

None known


No committed features at this time

Work in Process Items

These items are under active development, but cannot be confirmed for delivery in this release. Please consult with RackN if items below are mission critical for your operation. TBD


6.1.3. General UX Improvements (applies to all DRP versions)

  • TBD

6.1.4. Other Items of Note

  • TBD

6.1.5. Roadmap Items (unprioritized, planned for future release)

  • TBD