6.2. Digital Rebar version 4.12 [in process]

Release Date: Q2 2023

Release Themes: Platform Team Enablement

TBD Executive Summary

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6.2.1. Important Notices

New for this release:

  • TBD

From prior releases:

  • copy from prior Vulnerabilities

None known Deprecations

None known Removals

None known


No committed features at this time

Work in Process Items

These items are under active development, but cannot be confirmed for delivery in this release. Please consult with RackN if items below are mission critical for your operation. EKS Cluster Automation

TBD “Just run my Plan” Terraform and Ansible Runners

Streamlines existing Ansible and Terraform processes to allow users to run plans without first modifying them to comply with Digital Rebar cluster requirements.

This allows operators to quickly import working Terraform plans to take advantage of Digital Rebar TF state store, orchestration and tracking without having to decompose the plan into Digital Rebar templates.

This streamlines initial use cases and provides a path for operators to leverage Digital Rebar broker and cluster abstractions.

6.2.3. General UX Improvements (applies to all DRP versions)

  • TBD

6.2.4. Other Items of Note

  • TBD Powershell join-up

Create a Windows version of the Digital Rebar join-up script in addition to the existing Linux and ESXi version. This allows operators to add existing Windows systems into Digital Rebar without having to go through a Linux-based discovery. Out of Band Machine Audit capabilities

Using Digital Rebar Orchestration and Work Order capabilities, operators will be able to perform comprehensive reviews of machine assets. This enables Enterprise to perform a comprehensive audit of machines even if they were not previously managed by Digital Rebar.

This includes:

  • Leveraging Worker sets

  • Enabling Batch Environments and Batch Blueprints

  • Hardware Redfish Audit Blueprint

  • Audit Views / Reports

6.2.5. Roadmap Items (unprioritized, planned for future release)

  • Agentless ESXi Install - replace/rewrite of the existing ESXi agent (drpy) based on upgraded VMware and customer requirements

  • Integrated Simple DNS - provide DNS services for networks

  • Integrated Billing - integrate Billing plugin functionality into Digital Rebar core

  • IPv6 DHCP - provide DHCP services for IPv6 networks

  • Restricted Access ISOs - allow authenticated users to download non-public ISOs managed by RackN