6.1. Digital Rebar version 4.11 [in process]

Release Date: Fall 2022

Release Themes: Tuning and Performance

In addition to bug fixes and performance improvements, the release includes several customer-driven features.

See Release Summaries for a complete list of all releases.

6.1.1. Important Notices

New for this release:

  • TBD

From prior releases:

  • TBD Vulnerabilities

None known Deprecations

None known Removals

None known


No committed features at this time

6.1.3. Work in Process Items

These items are under active development, but cannot be confirmed for delivery in this release. Please consult with RackN if items below are mission critical for your operation. Live Machine Migrate

Allows operators to reduce operational risk associated upgrading Digital Rebar management tooling.

Migrate existing machines from a running Digital Rebar server to a new Digital Rebar server.

Transfer live machines between DRP endpoints Debian Discovery Image: “Ubuntu Hammer”

Allows operators to user Debian based tools and utilities, including Curtin, during discovery.

Added version of Sledgehammer based on Ubuntu in order to better manage image based deployments using Curtin.

6.1.4. General UX Improvements (applies to all DRP versions)

  • TBD

6.1.5. Other Items of Note

  • TBD

6.1.6. Roadmap Items (unprioritized, planned for future release)

  • Alma Based Sledgehammer - target v4.11, removes dependency on Centos for Sledgehammer

  • Updated to Hardware Vendor tool chains - updates RAID/BIOS/Firmware to use updated tools from OEMs

  • Agentless ESXi Install - replace/rewrite of the existing ESXi agent (drpy) based on upgraded VMware and customer requirements

  • Integrated Simple DNS - provide DNS services for networks

  • Integrated Billing - integrate Billing plugin functionality into Digital Rebar core

  • IPv6 DHCP - provide DHCP services for IPv6 networks

  • VMware Cluster Building - coordinate cluster building activities for completed vCenter build out including VSAN, NSX-T using vmware lib and other tools.

  • Restricted Access ISOs - allow authenticated users to download non-public ISOs managed by RackN