6.15. Digital Rebar version 3.x


Support for this release of Digital Rebar is no longer available.

Historical notes about v3 releases.

6.15.1. v3.6.0 to v3.7.0

The plugin system has been updated to a new version. All plugins have been updated to use the new version. After updating to v3.7.0, all plugins must be updated to function. The system will start after update, but the plugin-providers will not load until they are udpated. Use the RackN UX to get the updates for the plugins.

The Task subsystem has been updated to default to sane-exit-codes. This is a change from the default of original-exit-codes. This was done to address the need of task authors to match some basic assumptions about exit codes. 1 should be a fail and not reboot your box.