commit 6dbd02798a57fef7517112d8d35c8df625eeb63e
Author: Isaac Hirschfeld <gpg@reheatedcake.io>
Date:   Wed Apr 6 14:10:25 2022 -0500

    fix(license): fix backup license file being empty

M   app/views/Endpoint/views/Registration/panes/Trial.jsx

commit 6bdc0220f1eebb2c8750188bc4f49da128850509
Author: Isaac Hirschfeld <gpg@reheatedcake.io>
Date:   Mon Apr 4 11:46:08 2022 -0500

    fix(tasks): move extra claims under templates

M   app/views/Endpoint/views/Tasks/Editor.jsx

commit 5835ea888b5a72bb1892e5078d0a19b30289a903
Author: Isaac Hirschfeld <gpg@reheatedcake.io>
Date:   Mon Apr 4 11:32:54 2022 -0500

    feat(triggers): move params from tab to editor page

M   app/views/Endpoint/views/WorkOrders/TriggersEditor.jsx

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