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commit fbdeaaaf68163e5dc9e6c9558c549ee181c5db4a Author: Greg Althaus <galthaus@austin.rr.com> Date: Tue Dec 7 16:43:09 2021 -0600

build: update to v4.8.0

M go.mod M go.sum

commit bdba3fd817baa45ad11f8c677390e375e017eee6 Author: Rob Hirschfeld <rob@rackn.com> Date: Sat Dec 4 19:53:51 2021 +0000

Update solidfire context icon

M content/contexts/solidfire.yaml

commit 2c49a9a57ee8b9c14b31ac3d8ab0e8170be3295d Author: Tim Bosse <tim@rackn.com> Date: Thu Oct 21 16:01:49 2021 -0400

feat(context): update solidfire context

M content/contexts/solidfire.yaml

commit 7a8166fb9f6c79d900b4762c3856e62267c2788e Author: Tim Bosse <tim@rackn.com> Date: Wed Oct 13 10:36:21 2021 -0400

feat(context): update context

M content/contexts/solidfire.yaml

commit 5546dace1fcae130588ab37129387c40e59fc769 Author: Zaheena <zaheena@gmail.com> Date: Tue Sep 7 15:45:58 2021 -0400

feat(gitlab): Migrate module to gitlab

M content/._CodeSource.meta M go.mod M go.sum M tools/drpcli.go M version.go

commit 3b29768a1bf595243ada50cf28b4449b4179be5c Author: Zaheena <zaheena@gmail.com> Date: Fri Sep 3 14:39:46 2021 -0400

fix(ci): cleaning up trigger

M .gitlab-ci.yml

commit 93105d99cbc962bc9b86dde16ebdab87b5bde472 Author: Victor Lowther <victor.lowther@gmail.com> Date: Fri Sep 3 10:35:16 2021 -0500

feat(gitlab): go.mod replace and CLI build fixups for gitlab

M go.mod M go.sum A tools/drpcli.go M tools/package.sh

commit 8aa64770d8f8b6bb759175b1b6680ee5d68d3bdc Author: Zaheena <zaheena@gmail.com> Date: Thu Sep 2 18:21:49 2021 -0400

fix(ci): triggering the right rackn-saas branch

M .gitlab-ci.yml

commit 8110924dfface0d38db31139e3c6eba193e284e1 Author: Zaheena <zaheena@gmail.com> Date: Wed Sep 1 13:39:32 2021 -0400

build: gitlab ci

A .gitlab-ci.yml

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