commit 2bc0b301fcf083b63d765e58c99e7e8c86d65639
Author: Greg Althaus <galthaus@austin.rr.com>
Date:   Tue May 5 10:54:23 2020 -0500

    feat(pool): Add pooling support

    This commit adds the pooling objects and cli to the core

    The CLI and DOCs describe the operational and architectural usage.

    Pools are optionally defined groups of machines that track
    transition into and out the pools along with allocation and release.

    Pools can define actions (add/remove parameters, add/remove profiles,
    and change workflow) for entry and exit of pools and allocation and
    release within the pool

    Pool operations can be done on specific machines or filters that let
    the user operate with cloud-like methods.

M   agent/change_stage_test.go
M   agent/taskRunner_test.go
M   api/events_test.go
M   api/objects_test.go
M   cli/machines.go
A   cli/pools.go
M   cli/test-data/output/TestCorePieces/machines.indexes/stdout.expect
A   cli/test-data/output/TestCorePieces/pools.indexes/stdout.expect
M   doc/arch.rst
A   doc/arch/pooling.rst
M   doc/cli/drpcli.rst
M   doc/cli/drpcli_machines.rst
A   doc/cli/drpcli_machines_pause.rst
A   doc/cli/drpcli_machines_releaseToPool.rst
A   doc/cli/drpcli_machines_run.rst
A   doc/cli/drpcli_pools.rst
A   doc/cli/drpcli_pools_action.rst
A   doc/cli/drpcli_pools_actions.rst
A   doc/cli/drpcli_pools_active.rst
A   doc/cli/drpcli_pools_create.rst
A   doc/cli/drpcli_pools_destroy.rst
A   doc/cli/drpcli_pools_exists.rst
A   doc/cli/drpcli_pools_indexes.rst
A   doc/cli/drpcli_pools_list.rst
A   doc/cli/drpcli_pools_manage.rst
A   doc/cli/drpcli_pools_manage_add.rst
A   doc/cli/drpcli_pools_manage_allocate.rst
A   doc/cli/drpcli_pools_manage_release.rst
A   doc/cli/drpcli_pools_manage_remove.rst
A   doc/cli/drpcli_pools_runaction.rst
A   doc/cli/drpcli_pools_show.rst
A   doc/cli/drpcli_pools_status.rst
A   doc/cli/drpcli_pools_update.rst
A   doc/cli/drpcli_pools_wait.rst
M   doc/operation.rst
A   doc/operations/pooling.rst
M   models/machine.go
A   models/pool.go
M   models/utils.go

commit b5edbd85731ef7e665097e03771b96dc8bab019f
Author: Greg Althaus <galthaus@austin.rr.com>
Date:   Sat Jun 13 23:16:17 2020 -0500

    fix(dhcp) - unit test fix

M   cli/test-data/output/TestCorePieces/subnets.indexes/stdout.expect

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