commit f2c0695fe3650f8d31440316ce696265eb48a81d
Author: Greg Althaus <galthaus@austin.rr.com>
Date:   Wed May 6 11:30:45 2020 -0500

    feat(info): context stats are returned

M   api/info_test.go

commit 5c20ee15d3d6f5690d68323d139c6519671e449d
Author: Victor Lowther <victor.lowther@gmail.com>
Date:   Wed May 6 10:42:17 2020 -0500

    fix(pluginProvider): PluginProvider.Fill was missing StoreObjects.

    Make sure PluginProvider.Fill() adds an empty StoreObjects field
    instead of leaving it nil.

M   models/plugin_provider.go

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